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The Maker Movement is catching STEAM! The first ever Maker Faire is happening at The White House on June 18. Let's all make something for the National Day of Making! You can tweet your creations to #NationOfMakers.



JUNKTOPIA is a miniature world of imagination where six friends inspire each other to up-cycle, re-imagine, re-invent, and make total awesomeness from their Junk--and they have lots and lots of Junk!  Together, these Junktopians transform their trash into treasure, turning interesting found objects, vintage finds, recyclables, crafty stuff, defunct technology, and industrial hardware into Junktastic projects that express their creativity and friendship.  Armed with glue guns, tools, and a spirit of having fun, these clever Junksters hunt down old junk and renew it with their ingenuity.  They make the world a special place by living the code JIY--Junk It Yourself!